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North Carolina Eligibility and Authorization Statement

  • This document is to be signed by the participant of an NCHSAA member school and by the participant’s parent.

    I have read, understand and acknowledge receipt of the eligibility rules of the North Carolina High School Athletic Association. I understand that a copy of the NCHSAA Handbook is on file with the principal and athletic administrator and that I may review it, in its entirety, if I so choose. All NCHSAA bylaws and regulations from the Handbook are also posted on the NCHSAA web site at

    I understand that an NCHSAA member school must adhere to all rules and regulations that pertain to the interscholastic athletics programs that the school sponsors, but that local rules may be more stringent than NCHSAA rules.

    I understand that participation in interscholastic athletics is a privilege not a right.

    Student Code of Responsibility

    As a student athlete, I understand and accept the following responsibilities:
    I will respect the rights and beliefs of others and will treat others with courtesy and consideration.
    I will be fully responsible for my own actions and the consequences of my actions.
    I will respect the property of others.
    I will respect and obey the rules of my school and laws of my community, state and country.
    I will show respect to those who are responsible for enforcing the rules of my school and the laws of my community, state and country.

    I understand that a student whose character or conduct violates the school’s Athletic Code or School Code of Responsibility could be deemed ineligible for a period of time as determined by the principal or school system Administration

    I understand that if I drop a class, take course work through Post Secondary Enrollment Option, or other educational options, this action could affect compliance with NCHSAA academic standards and my eligibility.

    Informed Consent – By its nature, participation in interscholastic athletics includes risk of injury and transmission of infectious disease such as HIV and Hepatitis B. Although serious injuries are not common and the risk of HIV transmission is almost nonexistent in supervised school athletic programs, it is impossible to eliminate all risk. Participants have a responsibility to help reduce that risk. Participants must obey all safety rules, report all physical and hygiene problems to their coaches, follow a proper conditioning program, and inspect their own equipment daily. PARENTS, LEGAL CUSTODIAN’S OR STUDENTS WHO MAY NOT WISH TO ACCEPT RISK DESCRIBED IN THIS WARNING SHOULD NOT SIGN THIS FORM. STUDENTS MAY NOT PARTICIPATE IN AN NCHSAA-SPONSORED SPORT WITHOUT THE STUDENT’S AND PARENT’S/GUARDIAN’S SIGNATURE.

    I understand that in the case of injury or illness requiring treatment by medical personnel and transportation to a health care facility, that a reasonable attempt will be made to contact the parent/legal custodian in the case of the student-athlete being a minor, but that, if necessary, the student-athlete will be treated and transported via ambulance to the nearest hospital.

    I consent to medical treatment for the student following an injury or illness suffered during practice and/or a contest.

    I understand all concussions are potentially serious and may result in complications including prolonged brain damage and death if not recognized and managed properly. Further I understand that if my student is removed from a practice or competition due to a suspected concussion, he or she will be unable to return to participation that day. After that day, written authorization from a physician (M.D. or D.O.) or an athletic trainer working under the supervision of a physician will be required in order for the student to return to participation.

    I have received, read and signed the Gfeller-Waller Concussion Information Sheet.

    I consent to the NCHSAA use of the herein named student’s name, likeness, and athletic-related information in reports of contests, promotional literature of the Association and other materials and releases related to interscholastic athletics.

    By signing this document, we acknowledge that we have read the above information and that we consent to the herein named student’s participation.
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