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Avoid the line Shop Online

As the Holidays approach I want to invite you and your friends to take advantage of an awesome partnership between Northern High School, VNN, and FlipGive.

You can now do your online shopping and help Northern Athletics earn money in the process.  With hundreds of partners, this is an easy way to find the gifts you are looking for, either for yourself or for others.  For each purchase you make companies give Northern a percentage back for the athletic department.  You can also choose to simply donate if you don’t see anything you like.  Please share this with everyone you know.

To take advantage and help the athletics department reach its initial goal of $1,000, you can participate in 1 of 2 ways:

1.  Go to; click on the SHOP tab and have at it!

2.  Download the FlipGive app available on iOS and Android.  Sign up and use the code HR6D3Z to ensure the cashback on your purchases goes to Northern High School.

To see how flipgive works watch this video:


Thank you for your support!  Please share!  If you have any questions please email